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High Quality Product and Cutting Edge Technology
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─── Greeting ───

President : HIDEKI IGAWA

Do you know how many spare part needed to make one Car?
A Car consist of 20-30 thousand Spare Parts. Imagine if there is one spare part less, we could not build a car completely.
Variant of car that consist of our product has been sold and expand internationally.
We, contribute to the society to produce and developed a highly innovative Spare Parts for vehicle.

President : HIDEKI IGAWA

─── Our Business ───

We Developed so many product with competitive price as well as improvement of Quality and Productivity in accordance to create Processing Technology using Tandem Type Press, Progressive Type Press, Welding Assembly Process since the product development stage until the formation of the product, We focused on manufacturing Spare part for Car Body Parts.
In Addition, Nowadays we really concerned related Fuel efficiency improvement and Safety Performance Factory which put first priority in term of environmental safety performance and decreased of vehicle weight development.
With an excellent track record in terms of Technology and supported by many experience since we have been established our company, Our aim is to be a company which contribute to the society according to expectations.

─── Production Base ───

─── About us ───

Head Office & Factory (Japan)

Company Name ICHII Co., Ltd.
Founded 1 May 1970
Capital JPY 80,000,000
Representative President & CEO Hideki Igawa
Number of Employees
Head Office, Okayama Factory
143 Persons
Soja Factory
13 Persons
Kyushu Factory
204 Persons

(August 2020)
Large of Area
Head Office, Okayama Factory
Soja Factory
Kyushu Factory

Head Office, Okayama Factory
2117-3, Yamada, Okayama-Shi, Minami-Ku, Okayama-Ken

Soja Factory
1020, Akahama, Soja-Shi, Okayama-Ken

Kyushu Factory
1532-3, Katsuno, Kotake-Cho, Kurate-Gun, Fukuoka-Ken

Subsidiary Company(China)

Company Name Ichii Auto Parts(Danyang)Co., Ltd.
Founded 1 February 2013
Capital USD 2,100,000
Igawa Hideki
Satoshi Onosaka
Number of Employees
4 Persons
14 Persons

(August 2020)
Large of Area

1,2 Building No. 68 Tonggang West Road,
Economic Development Zone Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Subsidiary Company (Indonesia)

Start of Operation 1 April 2017
Capital 8,500,000 US$
President Director
Igawa Naoki
Number of Employees 76 Persons(August 2020)
Japanese Expatriate 2 Persons
Large of Area
Factory & Office Building

JI, Permata IV, Lot CA-4, Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC)、 Kecamatan Telukjambe Timur, Karawang 4136, West Java, Indonesia

─── Topics ───

I have received the order of automobile parts from Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd.
一井工業株式会社(Ichii Industries Co.,Ltd)